David Rios

Game Progammer/Front-End Developer/College Student

Recent Projects

Remindr - Demo Image
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Windows, MacOS, Linux (2020 - )

Remindr is an elegant and simple desktop to-do app with minute-precise reminders.

Made with:

Made with Electron & Firebase

  • Electron:
    • HTML
    • JavaScript (TypeScript)
    • CSS (SASS)
    • Node.js
  • Firebase

Distributed with GitHub CI/CD

Pivot Pong - Demo Image
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Pivot Pong

Windows (2019 - 2021)

Pivot Pong is a ping pong game that puts a fresh spin on a classic game. In Pivot Pong, you can rotate your paddle, giving you the ability to spike the ball, making your next move unpredictable!

Made in Unity

Village Builder - Demo Image
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Village Builder

Windows (2018 - 2020)

Experimental project: primarily for learning purposes. Made with rudimentary models and UI.

Made in Unity

About Me

Iā€™m David Rios, a college student who likes to play around in VSCode and Unity.

I enjoy creating and experimenting with new software and technologies. I work on software to make minute tasks less time-consuming, learning about how to make more intuitive interfaces in the process.